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Why Chipin

We at "CHIPIN" aim to improve the cleanliness and hygiene in India through Education. We need to start small. Concentrate only on hygiene and not on total health.

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How much dependent are we on servants and cleaners, becomes evident when the NRIs come to live in a western country. In India it may be against the status symbol to clean your own bathrooms and house.  Some house wives may do it, yet men will hardly cleanup their own spills.

The same habit persists when people eat food and ‘paan masala’ etc. and throw the wrapper and packing materials out, on the streets.  They then blame the government for not getting it cleaned.

For a population of 1 billion, no government can employ enough cleaners, unless the population stops dirtying the country and participates (CHIPIN) in it.

Some of this is based on our 5000 year old tradition where a section of community is expected to be the cleaners.  We need to educate the public that they must change this mentality because the surrounding filth is affecting their own family’s health.  Repeated diarrhea and worms in the tummy prevents children from developing fully. A clear example is the fact that the children of NRIs  who are born and brought up in the west are usually taller than their cousins ( same genes) living in India.  WHO reports that 48% of Indian children under the age of 5 years are under developed.

Most middles and upper class people in India live in a myth that the diseases caused by poor sanitation are localized to poor people.  We need to tell them that the mosquitos and flies born in the slums travel long distances and cause diseases in all. Filth also permeates through the ground water and comes out in the boring water, supplying rich households. Diarrhea and worms in the rich people has the same origin as the poor people.

The old slogans “ Keep your city clean and beautiful”, is very impersonal and does not work. Public will only care, when they know that the surrounding filth is affecting their own families.

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