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Kailash Kher's latest video for Swachh Bharat!

Kailash Kher shot promotional Video for "Swachha Bharat Abhiyaan"

Legendary singer Kailash Kher recently shot a promotional Video for "Swachha Bharat Abhiyaan" which aims to improve the cleanliness and hygiene in India through education.

PM Narendra Modi has appointed the renowned singer Mr. Kailash Kher as one of his Navratana's for the "Swachha Bharat Abhiyaan".

Few concerned NRIs' from CHIP-IN have taken this initiative, because such an important issue was not in public or Governmental radar. Till Prime Minister Narendra Modi brought forth the campaign, most Indians did not consider this a problem.

Kailash Kher explains the harmful effects of wastage around our house and the appropriate ways of disposal.

Kailash Kher mentioned, "There are several ways to keep our surroundings clean. We need to work together towards this noble cause. Each person's contribution is important. Disposal of waste has to be done correctly."

He also sang a song 'Swachh Bharat ka iraada', which was launched by Ministry of Information & Broadcasting.

The production house that shot the Ad film is Flying Dreams Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. CHIP-IN has also made similar video with famous Comedian Raju Srivastava earlier. All films are directed by Ad Film Maker Kushal Srivastava, who has been making ad films for quite long. Now Kushal Srivastava is shooting a suspense thriller feature film called 'Vodka Diaries'featuring Kay Kay Menon, Raima Sen, Mandira Bedi & Sharib Hashmi etc.

Kailash Kher & Raju Srivastava will continue promoting and working for Swachcha Bharat Abhiyaan. CHIP-IN is also working on the same. They will keep promoting and making more similar videos in future to spread awareness. Hope it will make Our India cleaner and healthier. Let us all make efforts for the same.

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CHIPIN is collaborating with the Arogya Foundation of India to spread its message of cleanliness

in India. They have started with a group of 30 villages to launch the program. One important

aspect of this initiative is to collect statistics to see the effect of health and hygiene education in

this population.

Working together CHIPIN and Arogya Foundation of India can evaluate and understand the

sanitation needs of the villages and identify programs that can be effective in building a “Clean-

India”. Arogya Foundation of India has villages where such experiments can be run.

Given the focus on “Clean –India” movement, we have the potential to inform the government as


Arogya Foundation of India will use field workers to implement the intervention, conduct the

survey and feed the data in the manner approved by Chip-In.

Arogya Foundation of India and CHIPIN will create an in-depth joint report that can be published

outlining the issues with Hygiene & Sanitation and what practices would work in the villages.

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